Mission Statement:

The STGlobal conference operates via a series of collaborations between STS scholars, the National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a faculty core, consortium members (institutions), and vendors, speakers, and volunteers. STGlobal plans to pursue a collaboration with 4S. To decrease barriers to participation in STS scholarship and benefits, STGlobal plans to immerse conference attendees in local (to the conference) culture and increase opportunities for non-academic community participation in the event. By inaugurating new voices in unique ways (ie. making and doing sessions, networking, discussions in public forums, etc.), STGlobal intends to enhance its generativity. STGlobal seeks to leverage diverse participation to rethink the way we process evidence and consider expertise; doing so ensures that the benefits of the conference are distributed equitably throughout society. By collaboratively considering the unique roles of all conference participants within a global space, STGlobal plans to increase conscientiousness and build the foundation for synergistic collaborations upon the conference’s conclusion. Building on theme of generativity, the conference will be structured around opportunities for peer review, personal reflection, and improvement. Early-career and advanced researchers alike will have the opportunity to grow within a supportive, inclusive, challenging, and authentic environment. To ensure the conference fosters an iterative, cyclic, continuum between theory and practice, critical distance and engagement, STGlobal will feature creative sessions intended to promote discussion and action bridging STS with STP, and accordingly painting new portraits of possibility for a global future conducive to eudaemonia.

Vision Statement:

STGlobal seeks to enable innovative ways to collectively engage in society by reimagining the purpose and praxis of an STS conference. STGlobal is organized around the belief that a conference should be generative beyond the academic domain to which immediate benefits are traditionally confined; accordingly, STGlobal strives to boost community efficacy, capacity, and feelings of empowerment. The conference begs discussion centered around questions such as: How can Science, Technology and Society studies and Science, Technology and Policy studies inform one another? How might critical distance and engagement be leveraged simultaneously to better serve communities (academic and non-academic)? What is an appropriate balance between activism and scholarship and how can such a balance be executed amidst current social and infrastructural conditions? In initiating discussion around these questions, STGlobal drives reflection regarding the translational capacity of STS studies, and opens pathways for honing STS methodologies to better suit diverse global needs.